Tak Selamanya Komunikasi dengan Vendor itu hanya seputar problem problem dan problem…

Hari Rabu kemaren, tiba2 saja salah seorang vendor billing di kantor bertandang ke cubicle saya… saya lihat kalender, belum saatnya billing, liat2 email juga nggak ada problem yang serius…ย  masih agak bingung, akhirnya saya memulai pembicaraan…

saya : “Hi maaan, what’s wrong ?? any problem in billing ??”

vendor : “No… there are no problem in billing right now… i just wanna talk to you… i wanna buy some furniture… can u tell me where i can find the furniture with the best price ??”

saya : “Hmmm… *Lumayan lama berfikir*… i think u can find it at ITC ambasador…”

vendor : “Yaaa… i have go there, but the price is so expensive…”

saya : “wait a minute… i think in this week there are some Furniture Exhibition at Jakarta Convention Center… in that event you can find all variety of indonesian furniture… trust me it’s all the best furniture from Indonesia…*promosi lagi saya…*”

vendor : “Yaa, i know and i already go there… but all of them have a high cost… i want u recommended me the place with the low cost…”

saya : “i don’t know exactly, but if go to some place or in the way you go home, some time you can see a meubel store… i think the furniture at meubel store more cheaper than at ITC ambasador…, but i don’t see a meubel store near from this place… i’ll tell u soon if got an information about a meubel store”

vendor : “OK thank u for the information…”

Biasanya saya dan kawan2 jika berkomunikasi dengan vendor seringkali hanya seputaran problem problem dan problem… Saya jadi sadar, kadang komunikasi lain pun juga diperlukan untuk membangun relasi yang lebih baik…